It is the duty of MBC appointed inspectors to ensure that all the relevant medicals and safeguards and controls are implemented at a boxing event.

They act as liaison officers between the promoter and the MBC Board or the Regional Council.

In the event of a boxer being pronounced unfit to box, it is an Inspector’s duty to inform the Promoter.

It is his/her duty to supervise the weigh-in of the competitors, to ensure that the ring is in accordance with Regulations, in particular, size, tightness of ropes, centre ties, ring underlay, padding and lighting.

It is also the Inspectors duty to ensure the gloves used in the tournament must be of suitable standard and in good condition.

It is also the duty of the Inspectors to be the MBC’s ringside observers, especially during the one minute break between rounds, to ensure that a boxer’s team members use only permitted substances and equipment.