Regional Councils



The Head Office for both the Malta Boxing Commission Limited and MBC International are:


Malta Boxing Commission Limited
46 Greenhill Courts,
Greenhill Terrace,
London, SE18 4BS
United Kingdom

Tel: (UK) +44 (0)208 317 8022

Tel: (UK) +44 (0)7960 850645




Currently there are five regional councils of the MBC, Malta, Northern (UK), Southern (UK), Scotland and Ireland.

Each Regional Council comprises of a Chairman, Secretary, Area Chief Medical Officer, a Chief Inspector and a Boxers Representative. A representative from each Council is also represented on the main board.

The Regional Council receives applications for licences in all categories and must consider each application fully and make a suitable recommendation to the MBC Board.

Only the MBC main Board has the power to grant an application for a licence, however Regional Councils do have the ability to suspend licences, subject to due process, and arbitrate in disputes between licence holders.

The Regional Council also considers applications for assistance from former boxers and others involved in boxing within their area, who are in need of financial or other assistance.