About The Malta Boxing Commission

The Malta Boxing Commission is a professional board of control that’s affiliated with boxing sanctioning organisations world wide, which is very important to us, as this recognition enables us to hold professional boxing events here on the Islands of Malta.

As such we at the Malta Boxing Commission are determined to do our utmost best for the Maltese and Malta Boxing Commission licensed boxers, whether they are just starting their career or are battle hardened veterans.

The Malta Boxing Commission, was created in June 2011, at the request of the European Boxing Union, who operate the European and European Union Championships, and was ratified as a member at the EBU AGM in Dublin that year.

The Malta Boxing Commission was incorporated as a United Kingdom Limited Liability Company in 2012 and has approximately 150 licence holders of which around 70 are active boxers.

The Malta Boxing Commission has affiliation with virtually all World Boxing Sanctioning organisations, a number of regional Championship organisations as well as operates both National (Malta) and International Championships under the MBC International banner.

In 2014 both Malta Boxing Commission and MBC International were inducted into the prestigious Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC).

The Malta Boxing Commission’s primary focus – besides the licensing of professional boxers and their coaching, management and promotional agents, as well as the training and licensing of officials – is the raising of medical protection standards for the sport, as well as the application of the Association Of Boxing Commissions (ABC) Unified Rules and Regulations for Professional Boxing events.

Official bout record publishing, for events sanctioned by both the Malta Boxing Commission and MBC International are by BoxRec (UK) and FightFax (USA)

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